digiPop VR

Kinesthetic and Sound Interaction App for HTC Vive

Currently in development

digiPop is an interactive game art that seamlessly connects the physical and digital spaces. The concept is to blow virtual bubbles into the digital canvas and is inspired by Mark Weiser's vision of a new paradigm for human-computer interaction where technologies "weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it". The bubbles straddle the physical and digital worlds with sound as the mediator between the two spaces.

The gameplay follows the way children play with bubbles. Through a microphone, people can blow differently shaped virtual bubbles into the digital canvas based on the frequency of their voice while also interacting with them through body gestures.

The first version has been created for a projector setup using a Windows PC with a webcam and a microphone for visual and audio inputs. It was selected for the Mpls Center for Digital Art INTER:CONNECTED Contemporary Art Exhibit and shortlisted for an exhibit at the MIT Museum.

The VR/MR version is currently under development for the HTC Vive, which completely removes the physical barrier between the player and the projected screen. It uses audio input through Vive's built-in microphone to create differently-shaped virtual bubbles on the fly using procedural mesh geometry and OpenGL.

HTC Vive App | 2017

Programming LanguagesC# in Unity