Hand-drawn Architectural Drawings

Growing up in Japan, I looked forward to the Sunday newspaper because it contained advertisements for new homes in the neighborhood. It had renderings and floor plans, and I imagined where I would place my furniture if I were to live there. A dozen years later, I drew up these architectural drawings: one is a masterpiece by Mies van der Rohe and another is an experimental study of form, daydreaming what it would be like to live there.

Career Discovery | 2012
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Flattened Cube
Extracting Plan and Section from 3D Form

By extracting plans and sections from the cube, I evaluated the feasibility of the irregularly shaped forms as living environments.

Villa Tugendhat by Mies van der Rohe
Integrating Aesthetics and Functionality

The cruciform shaped column by Mies van der Rohe is the perfect example of what I strive for in design: the integration of aesthetics and functionality. The array of columns frees the interior and expresses the structure of the house. The contrast of its reflective chrome material with the translucent onyx wall and ebony wood circular wall enhances the beauty of the natural materials. Together, they frame intimate moments for the Tugendhat family.