VR App for Contemplation

Currently in Alpha Release

Overture is the space for contemplation in the virtual reality. It is an interactive journey through the transient landscape inspired by the light and water. The surreal world expand and collide in time and scale. The users are invited to lie down, relax, and take flight into space to explore the cosmos for as long as they want.

The five-minute demo is currently available as an alpha release for the mobile VR experience on the Google Play and subsequently for the App Store. Please contact [email protected] to become an alpha tester.

Google Cardboard App | 2017

Programming LanguagesC# in Unity

Preview Images

Currently the game is mainly a prototype to test user interaction and experience.

Start scene

Space scene

Experimenting with particle shader: right eye view

Interaction Considerations

Overture is an app for relaxation and users are encouraged to experience it while lying down. The first scene starts with a user sitting on top of a bed and finding the start button on the ceiling. The stereophonic sound is used in this scene to cue the user to turn his/her head to a particular direction to discover instructions. The interaction is all gaze-based to support VR headsets that do not have touch screen trigger.

The player moves at a constant speed in this experience to reduce "VR sickness".