A Kaleidoscope of Instagram Valentines

Sosolimited's C++ workshop happened to fall on the week of Valentine's day. We created an app that would conjure up the days of lace paper doilies, sticky lollipops, and perhaps bittersweet memories - but with a digital twist. We wanted our creation to be current by drawing on the ever-evolving culture surrounding Valentine’s Day.

This led us to create SosoValentines, a kaleidoscope-like animation that tracks live Instagram feeds of topical hashtags. The idea is a new filter with continually changing textures that help to make photos more artistic so they can be enjoyed in unique ways. The app starts sampling from a random location on the photo each time to create an ephemeral kaleidoscopic animation that can be appreciated only once.

My role I lead the design and implementation of the kaleidoscopic visual of the application.

Sosolimited C++ Workshop | 2016

Programming LanguagesC++

Collaborators Laura Asher

sosovalentines #Boxofchocolates
sosovalentines #SecretAdmirer